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Political sources: Bahaa Hariri’s return more than a must

The Sunni community has decided not to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, which Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed that will be held on their scheduled date on May 15. What is also certain , is that the bresounding echo of the head of Future Movement, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his movement, from political work and participation in the elections, began to recede in less than a week. This announcement, and the political forces with all their components and diversity, including the Sunni sect, surpass this matter, and began to draw the features of a new phase of political work, as things will be more crystalised in the coming days. According to political sources, the Sunni sect cannot be limited to a person, movement or party because it is a nation that is hundreds of years old, and it was characterized by its moderation and patriotism. It is not possible for the Lebanese political scene to be complete, without its participation and decision, and the sources considered that everything that is being circulated about thwarting or boycotting the elections is not found in the dictionary of this sect, and this is what has been confirmed by supreme Sunni religious and political references.

From here, sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that the page of Saad Hariri’s reluctance has been folded for reasons, only he alone knows, and is the only one authorized to talk about them. The biggest proof of this is the absence of any Arab or international stance on this reluctance, with the exception of a timid French speech that came in response to a question about this matter. Regarding this, the sources pointed out that now we have to look to the future and what it might bring to Lebanon through the national project that Sheikh Baha Hariri clearly expressed, in the message he sent to the Lebanese, where he stressed work to complete the project of his martyr father, the moderate Arab national sectarian project. And in this message, Hariri, the eldest, draws attention to the necessity of not emptying the Lebanese society of the largest religious component in the country.

Beiruti sources praised what Sheikh Baha said about his return to Beirut, and called upon him to return as soon as possible to engage in political work, and reveal the names of his candidates in the upcoming elections, especially since his sources repeatedly announced their refusal to ally with one of the pillars of the current political system, that participated or was a reason, for bringing the country to the unprecedented economic and social crises and conditions it has reached, the sources also believe that Baha Hariri’s presence in Lebanon today has become more than necessary in order to be in contact with the popular base, and to listen closely to their many demands and concerns, and also to preserve the Hariri’s father’s project, which was fought by various means from many well-known parties. The sources indicate, that although Hariri’s television appearance was short, but it was expressive as the crisis factors were addressed accutately. The sources expect that Sheikh Baha will have a political change program, correcting and drawing for a new stage, as the whole region is heading towards a new political map.
The sources pointed out that it is expected that the picture of political alliances and electoral lists will become clear in mid-February, a month before the candidacy door closes, so the sources demand that the names of “Sawa Li Lubnan” candidates be revealed as soon as possible.

Source: Sawt Beirut International

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