| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Sunni sect will never die as a result of the absence of a movement

As the elections, which are expected to be pivotal for change, approach, some voices remain skeptical about the possibility of these elections and the participation of expatriates and the percentage of voters, particularly from the Sunni community, following President Saad Hariri’s suspension of political activity and the “Future Movement’s” reluctance to participate in it.

In this context, Sunni political sources confirm to Sawt Beirut International that allegations regarding a Sunni boycott and the sect’s retreat from carrying out its national duties in this entitlement, are completely false, especially since this component is not limited to only one political current. The Sunni sect, which includes a large number of intellectuals and educated people, has been and continues to be loyal to the path and mission of the martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the sect’s political choices have not vanished with the withdrawal of a political current from confronting its sect’s political opponents, led by “Hezbollah” and the Free Patriotic Movement. They both benefitted from this choice, just as they had previously benefited from the presidential settlement that resulted in the appointment of “strong” President Michel Aoun in return for Hezbollah control of the remaining formal institutions of the Lebanese state.

The sources are surprised that the “Future Movement” aimed directly at its former allies and those closest to it, who was supposed to be with them in one trench, especially on this occasion, instead of directing the arrows of its anger towards those accused of assassinating the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who brought the country to what it has reached today.

Sunni sources consider that claims about Sunni frustration are false, because the frustration is not a result of the withdrawal of a current from participating in political life, but rather is manifested by the behavior of those who represented it, which was required to stand up to the killer of Rafik Hariri and not to make successive concessions under the slogan “Maintaining civil peace” and adhering to preserving the face of Arab Lebanon and protecting its Arab and Gulf relations, a priority strategic interest to confront the attack of the followers of the Persian state on these countries that were the first supporter and assistant for Lebanon and its people.

The sources urge the Sunni community to participate massively in the upcoming parliamentary elections, by nominating and voting, and this is what Dar Al-Fatwa, as well as all Sunni political references, including President Fouad Siniora, who is a strategic ally of the “Future Movement,” has called for.

According to the sources, this entitlement may be the only opportunity for the Lebanese people to change and choose the best and punitive vote for every official who participated in bringing the country and citizenship to hell, as well as to choose based on reform plans and programs in all fields in order to work to overthrow the current political system.

After considering the foregoing, it is clear that “one who corrupts cannot be rehabilitated.” As a result, altering the system is now more important than ever.

  • Sawt Beirut International