| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

The Russian preoccupation in Ukraine may open the appetite of the Iranian and Israeli foxes to move

The world entered a delicate stage after Russian President Vladimir Putin took the decision to attack Ukraine without realizing the consequences. However, the balance of profit and loss in this battle will greatly affect Russia on the internal level, in terms of the huge military cost that will incur, and the fall of its prestige in some Ukrainian regions that rejected the Russian domination, such as what happened in Chechnya, Kazakhstan and other countries, according to a special source for “Sawt Beirut International”.

On the external level, will these events affect the Russian military presence in Syria and its project, by exploiting Iran’s immersion of Russia and its army in the Ukrainian front to impose new equations through the outbreak and bypassing the controls imposed by the fixed Russian military presence in Syria?

The source considers that this hypothesis will have repercussions on the entire Middle East, first of all, in terms of the raids carried out by the “Israeli enemy” deep into Syria, in coordination with the Russian forces.

If Iran and its militias want to take advantage of Russia’s preoccupation in Ukraine, the range of sites that will be targeted by the “Israeli” raids may expand in the event that Iran and its militias escalate towards the borders of the “Zionist entity” that Russia was preventing from crossing. And this happens, the “enemy” would take care of its removal through raids which intensified in the past months.

The source adds that the Russian invasion of Ukraine may open the appetite of the “Israeli enemy” to follow the example of the Russians in terms of protecting its national security, espacially after Hassan Nasrallah threatened with drones.

Here the question arises about Israel’s propaganda goals for these drones, which cannot pose a great danger in terms of its size.

As for its espionage ability and monitoring of strategic locations, it does not have the ability to fly except at low altitudes and amplify its capabilities by the “Israeli enemy.”

Returning to Syria and the absence of Russia exclusively, the indicators that can be deduced from what is happening in Ukraine and its surroundings with the Russian impulse, indicate the return of the union of nationalities and the union of believers, most notably Iran. And, of course, Lebanon is the main nucleus of its project, especially since the Vienna negotiations live in great ambiguity in terms of results.

  • Sawt Beirut International