| 12 April 2024, Friday |

What role “Hezbollah” and “Saraya al-Muqawama” play in conflict between Bsharri and Bqaasafreen?

The desire of the killers of the two young men from the town of Bsharri, Haitham Jameel Touk and Malik Touk, was not met in Qornet Al-Sawda area according to their instructions directed towards fueling conflict in the region. Especially since the mentioned area has witnessed repeated disputes related to property disagreements with the town of Bqaasafreen, which were eventually settled by the formation of a judicial committee to survey the properties and determine the boundaries of shared areas between the two towns. However, matters did not reach their conclusion, and disputes, trespassing, and provocations continued. But on Saturday night, at dawn on Sunday, Qornet Al-Sawda matched its name, as the town of Bsharri was engulfed in darkness with the killing of the mentioned two young men by bullets said to be fired from a “sniper rifle.” However, information remains conflicting regarding the operation and the distance at which the killing took place.
According to a source familiar with the incident, which was preceded by repeated provocations over the years, the change that occurred, shifting from minor disputes, thefts, and trespassing at skiing centers in the area to intentional killings, is not related to property disputes. The source emphasizes that there are those who are attempting to fuel sectarian and doctrinal tensions between the residents of the two regions. It is important to note that the two young men belong to conflicting factions within the town. However, the blood of the town’s residents and their unity outweigh personal interests and political affiliations. To prevent the crime from being manipulated towards igniting a Christian-Sunni sectarian strife, which is the objective of those associated with Hezbollah.
According to the source, this incident has taken an additional dimension compared to previous incidents. It can be considered a deliberate and direct attack without any justification or prior circumstances. Especially since the killing took place from a relatively close distance, it can be described as “treacherous.” It no longer falls within the framework of the old problem between the two towns but is now between a faction seeking support from Hezbollah and the Resistance Movement, and individuals associated with these well-known groups. The objectives of these groups are widely known, particularly considering the strong coordination between them. It is no secret that Hezbollah’s presence is significant in the opposing region of Mount Makmal and some of its peaks.
The source further states that this attack violates the rights of the people of the Bsharri region and their historically documented lands, dating back to the days of the Ottoman Empire, as supported by numerous legal documents held by the local residents of Qornet Al-Sawda. The solution lies in the decision of the real estate judge to confirm this ownership by issuing the decree, and then the implementation will be carried out by the security forces.

The source concludes by mentioning that there is an attempt to send political messages to the Lebanese Forces and the entire opposition team through this crime. It suggests that there is a faction among the Sunni community that aligns itself with Hezbollah and the Resistance team. However, the demand for law enforcement and adherence to the state, judiciary, and military institution will deprive this axis of the opportunity to exploit property disputes for political purposes. Some individuals associated with this axis are trying to fuel the flames and turn property disputes into a sectarian strife that may engulf the entire region.

  • Sawt Beirut International