| 27 September 2021, Monday |

Why did Walid Jumblatt warn in a tweet of an attack that might target him?

The Head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt’s tweet has caused confusion and turned into a “trend” on websites and “WhatsApp” groups. Jumblatt meant in this tweet, which he wrote in French, to send messages to those concerned, warning of any attack on him or on one of his family members. “I know in advance whom shall I accuse and with whom I am dealing,” he said.

In his tweet that was preceded by a clear message to some media outlets , which called for the killing of certain groups, Jumblatt responded to those behind these calls, especially that he received information indicating that a security threat is surrounding him as well as many political figures.

Walid Jumblatt’s security concern is not new, as such obsessions live with him since he entered the political fray. In every television appearance he reiterates that the fate of Jumblatt leaders is assassination, and this historical path began with the assassination of Bashir Jumblatt, Said and Fouad, all the way to Kamal Jumblatt, who refused to pursue the project of minorities and Syrian hegemony over the Lebanese decision.

A source told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Jumblatt realized this matter and therefore toured the mountainous regions, warning against being drawn into any clashes that might cause security turmoil in the mountain. What Jumblatt knew is not just analyzes, but rather he received information and warnings of a security risk that might be related to his refusal to facilitate the matter of non-lifting of immunities and his denial to sign to refer them to the Supreme Council. Several parties have insisted on Jumblatt to cooperate in this file, which negatively affected those who signed the petition.

The source added that Jumblatt’s tweet, in which he warned of the possibility of attacking his family, also warned against the scenario of targeting other personalities rather than him.

Why Jumblatt was frank and expressed his concerns directly? The source answered that things are still vague, and no one has been able to know the reason for announcing publicly the danger he perceives, especially that Jumblatt is not used to declare such danger, even during 2005 after the martyrdom of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Jumblatt’s warning comes at a time when Lebanon is experiencing severe security chaos, especially that investigations into the explosion of Beirut Port is progressing significantly. In addition to media leaks about the quantities of nitrates, the latest of which was the FBI report, which stated that the nitrate quantities that exploded are nothing compared to the quantities that has been extracted from the port.