| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

Havana announces blackouts, cancels carnival as crisis deepens

As the country’s energy crisis intensifies, the Cuban capital of Havana will begin blackouts in August, postpone carnival, and take other steps, according to official media on Saturday.

The capital, home to one-fifth of Cuba’s 11.2 million people and the focus of economic activity, had been spared the daily power outages of four or more hours that the rest of the island had been subjected to for months.

This summer, blackouts triggered a few minor local rallies, and a year ago in July, they ignited a day of unparalleled unrest across the country as frustration boiled over.

For the time being, a power outage timetable will result in each of Havana’s six municipalities losing power every three days during peak midday hours, according to the local Communist Party daily, Tribuna de la Habana, which reported on a meeting of local officials.