| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

1 million banknote or new currency in Lebanon?!

“As good as the lira” is a correct expression, but not nowadays It is an expression from the days of glory, the days when the zeros of the world’s currencies were falling in front of our lira, the days when the pocket carried a few liras and more than the value, but today we carry millions of liras in our bags and pockets and we carry with them Its heavy load, its deadly inflation, our currency that has become like a Monopoly, beautiful colored papers, not even covering the price of ink and the cost of electricity for the machines that print them. Our lofty state wants to relieve us from carrying piles of papers and promises us a million paper, so that the burden from our pocket will be reduced to increase on the shoulders of our economy. What does the million paper issue mean?
So, a million solves the problem of techniques for carrying and transferring money, but its consequences are serious, so what is the solution?
We are spinning in a descending cycle and not a vicious circle, according to Dr. Khoury, from one abyss to another, and the lira is in peace.
If you carry a lot of money in your pocket, it does not necessarily mean that you are rich, your currency may be poor.

  • Sawt Beirut International