| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Say goodbye to the 40,000 exchange rate

What is the dollar exchange rate today? Did the dollar rise? dropped? The currency is collapsing and the dollar is flying..

Famous phrases that the Lebanese are busy with daily, as it becomes one of the foundations of their diaries, so they have no other choice but to ask about the value of the lira daily on the black market, perhaps they know something about the fate of their days!

Many bet on the low exchange rate of the dollar, especially after the Banque du Liban announced that it had stopped buying dollars through an exchange platform and directed it to sell dollars through it, as well as those who linked it to the solution in the demarcation file and the end of the president’s term..

So, the path of decline will not be long, and the dollar will rise again against the Lebanese pound for fundamental reasons related to the continuation of the crisis.

We can say your dollars have been stolen! “Because the lira is not fine.. and we will not wake up on a homeland!”


  • Sawt Beirut International