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8 signs that you’re falling in love

The most beautiful thing in the world is love, according to “Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusi” in his book Tawq Al-Hamamah, who defined it “that the beginning of it is humor and the end of it is serious, its meanings are too short for her Majesty to be described, so she does not realize its truth except through suffering.”

What are the signs that you have fallen in love and that the partner is a lover and not just a “crush” according to psychology?

1- You are very curious about him
In the early stages of getting to know him, if you feel you have more curiosity about him: What does he like? What does he hate about everything? And what are the secrets of his life?

2- You feel everything he feels
When he’s miserable, you are miserable too. When he is happy, you also rejoice. You feel his pain, and he feels your pain in a very real way. This is a sign of falling in love deeply.

3- You are safer when he is with you
You feel like you’re not afraid of anything, just because he’s by your side.

4- Monitor him on social media
When you browse all his pages on social media and go back for many years, only to search for additional information about him and get to know him more.

5- You hear his voice messages over and over again
If you find yourself hearing these messages over and over again, it means that you are relieved to hear his voice. So, honey, you fell in love.

6- His response to your message
You wait impatiently for the answer, and think how many minutes it took for him to reply to you, and think how long I should wait to send the second message.

7- Get ready to try new foods he likes
Sharing with the other person his interests, trying something new he likes, is a sign of caring for him, i.e. falling in love with him.

8- Everything reminds you of him
If you feel like he’s with you all the time, and you miss him when he’s out of your sight…then this is falling in love.

To all those who feel these signs, congratulations.


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