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A bullet in her heart drove her to the grave at the age of 23

Tatiana’s murderer is still free

A bullet in her heart drove her to the grave at the age of 23.

The criminals have evaded judiciary because they are covered by political and financial powers. Tatiana, a 23-years old girl, used to spend exciting times singing in a restaurant with her fiancé and her brother. Once a day while she was singing, she was found dead in this restaurant.

Tatiana was taking care of her family, especially her mother, who had hemophilia, which prevented her from speaking and from working at home, so she gave up her studies and devoted her time to taking care of her mother

SBI files team met her family, who talked in details about the criminal and his companions who were present in this restaurant. Until now the case is in the hands of the judiciary, which has refused to date to release one of those involved in this crime while the shooter and the main criminal is still free moving between Syria and Turkey. The criminal works as an escort for one of the members of the Parliament, and he is one of the team members for a major influencer in the financial sector.

The question that arises in this context, will the judiciary evade from the the grip of the political and financial influencers, and will it succumb to the pressures exercised not to arrest the criminal?

The story is not over yet…

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