| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

A government proposal that proposes changes to four ministerial posts

They asked him to the meeting to download grievances and questions, which he did. This is a synopsis of the Foreign Affairs Committee’s meeting with Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib.

The minister whose leaked lineup demonstrated that the president’s team no longer desired him in the ministry, as demonstrated by the leaked version, other than the Mikati version, in which some references appeared about the name of Bou Habib and the name of the Minister of Energy Walid Senno, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Information, did not have a definitive answer to the deputies’ questions.

Regarding the borders’ demarcation file submitted before the Foreign Affairs Committee, he was pleased with repeating what had been reported in the media, while he employed representatives to settle the problem of diplomats’ pay and operational expenditures in missions overseas.

It is well known that the problem of salaries and operating expenses began in October of last year and was addressed to return and be repeated in May, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not send the payroll for the month of May until the beginning of June, pending the approval of the decree to reduce salaries, which is currently in the Ministry of Finance, awaiting the Minister’s signature. It should be noted that the diplomats were not notified of the magnitude of the reduction or the reasons for the salary delays.

Minister Bou Habib, on the other hand, supported the retention of high-paying military or economic attaches by citing their need to rent homes and pay for insurance and schools out of their compensation. When asked if we would hear about the closing of an embassy abroad for budgetary reasons, he responded reassuringly that this will not happen.

In any case, the foreign minister will be preoccupied in the coming days with the consultative meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which will be held in Beirut on Saturday, because Lebanon is currently chairing the Arab Group meetings, and the meeting does not have an agenda, but rather is an exchange of ideas on Arab affairs. In a notable signal, participation is restricted to ministers, particularly the foreign ministers of Qatar and Kuwait. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations have less representation than a minister.

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