| 15 April 2024, Monday |

A mass grave of dogs on Lebanese University’s campus in Hadath

It was the only dog ​​that survived the massacre at the Lebanese University campus in Hadath, but unfortunately it is missing for now and the search for it continues.

Almost 15 dogs on the university campus were mercilessly executed and buried under the grounds of the campus.

The wave of poisoning stray dogs has reappeared again, municipalities are reluctant to implement the articles of the Animal Welfare Law. There are lack of vaccines and no control applies to animal welfare.

How did this crime have been discovered?

This crime ha shook the general public, and the photos and videos reached the concerned parties, mainly the Security Forces in Hadath Municipality. The Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi, and the Minister of Agriculture Abbas Hajj Hassan and the Presidency of the Lebanese University issued a statement explaining that it had contacted several times the Municipality and one of the associations to resolve this issue, noting that a number of students were at risk from being bitten by two dogs.

Is the danger of a stray dog ​​bite allows killing them?

What is the punishment for causing the death of these dogs?

Traces of the blood of these dogs are still on the campus grounds, and Geffen is buried in its campus.

Accountability is vital and associations are on the lookout.

  • Sawt Beirut International