| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

A president “to their taste or no president”!

In a country where everything is permitted, it is not surprising that the parliament has failed since September 2022 to elect a president.. It is not surprising that the 11th session ended on Thursday, as before, so that we may reach the 50th session, perhaps, and we are still without a president.

A white paper or withdrawal from the session and the impeachment of the second round of sessions… Repeated plays until securing their political gains, to impose conditions encapsulated in the titles of “dialogue and consensus”, while the real essence is “subjugation and bargaining”.

As for the outside world, there is nothing new so far, no pressure, no build-up of candidacy, not even interest, whether from the Arab, American or even French parties. The external movement is limited to wishing and hoping…

It makes no difference if total collapse happens…. No matter what happens “… what’s is they get a apresident to their taste… even if the situation has reached us for years without a president.

  • Sawt Beirut International