| 24 October 2021, Sunday |

A reverse traffic immigration, a glimmer of hope for Lebanon

There are of two types of Lebanese , some of them left the queues of humiliation and joined the queues of immigrants, or rather those fleeing the homeland, and the other type, are those who who waits for the “Visa” salvage stage, stamped on their passport, a visa for any corner on this planet away from the homeland of “half an hour from sea to mountain,” which also became impossible, due to the high prices of gasoline. But to every rule of pain, there is an exception of hope, a Lebanese-American family decided to go back to its roots.
Homeland for this family is a challenge that it decided to take, until it achieves the victory of life over death.
Some consider them the smartest Lebanese because they were the first to escape from the inevitable hell, but while thousands of Lebanese have emigrated in recent years, one family decided to return. And in the hope that expatriates who do not want to return, be at least the difference in the upcoming parliamentary elections.