| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

A victim of husband’s mood and influence.. Lilian Chaito is an issue of public opinion

She was forbidden to rock her baby’s cradle with her right hand,
She interacts with figures that it was logical to share with her son, who was deprived of him,
The explosion of the fourth of August shook her heart,
She is embracing a toy, waiting to be replaced by Ali, her son,
Her body is recovering, her heart is still crippled,
Her parents avoid talking to the media about the continued deprivation of Lillian’s husband of her child.

The defense attorney who is fighting Lillian denies that her client was denied Lillian’s husband seeing the child.
Lillian’s defense attorney discloses to the SBI the allegations relating to Lillian’s ruling.

Lillian is a public opinion issue,
Her defenders cry out for the need to protect her right to embrace her child,
They are calling for change representatives to propose serious laws to get rid of the existing patriarchal system.

It is not the explosion of the port that separated Lillian from her child, but rather it is the authority of the patriarchal system rooted in Lebanese laws, and changing it is the responsibility of the legislative authority, which has the duty to protect citizens from the tyranny of courts they call Sharia courts.


  • Sawt Beirut International