| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Aida Sabra from Canada to “Sawt Beirut International, Alas for Lebanon.”

Thirty years ago, actress Aida Sabra left with her family to Canada, in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war, after things were settled in Lebanon, Aida returned home to meet her audience again, through television and theatre.

Today, Aida like many Lebanese, returns to Canada, speaking with a broken heart:

“Alas for Lebanon, I feel very pessimistic, unity for achieving some breakthrough does not seem possible, I’ve lived all the Lebanese wars, but never experienced what is happening today, this is much more severe, as if they are destroying the temple.”

Some years ago, Aida broadcasted short movies in which she compares between Canada and Lebanon and shows her country’s tragic situation.

“The videos aim at comparing and highlighting the issues we miss at home, especially when you are in a country where man is respected, something we do miss. I wanted to say that we too can achieve such matters when we have a state where law is implemented.”

She continues to tell about her country and she says: “will I return to Lebanon? Frankly every time I ask myself this question, I feel afraid, because my head is so distorted nowadays.”

Again and again, the nation is losing brains and talents on daily basis, where they grab all success abroad.”!