| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Al-Bukhari on the line urging the Sunnah to vote, denouncing the allegations made against him

A few days before the parliamentary elections, the visit of the Saudi ambassador, Walid al-Bukhari, drew attention to the central Bekaa, where the Sunni voice has influenced.

It is noted that Al-Bukhari did not distinguish one candidate over another, and he did not limit his visit to Sunni candidates or to candidates from one party, but the goal was every figure in the sovereign line supported by Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Al-Bukhari wanted to give the visit an economic and educational character, but its timing cannot be separated from the parliamentary elections, and it aimed primarily at encouraging the Sunni voter to vote and, in the second degree, urging him to choose the candidates of the sovereign line from the allies and friends of the kingdom.

What can be read in the Bekaa meetings and the information that was revealed is that Al-Bukhari worked, albeit indirectly, to facilitate the victory of the Sunni candidate on the Siniora list and the Lebanese Forces in the Middle Bekaa, Bilal Al-Hashimi, by encouraging the withdrawal of candidates Omar Halablab on Daher’s list and candidate Muhammad Rafiq Hammoud on Myriam Skaf’s list in order to prevent the dispersal of the dental sound.

The sources confirm that Al-Bukhari will complete his tour in the coming days, heading north to Minieh, Dinnieh and Akkar, in a clear path to motivate Sunnis to vote. As for the most prominent and significant stop, it will be hours before the opening of the polls, as we learned that Ambassador Al-Bukhari will hold a grand celebration on Saturday evening in his house on the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of the martyr Mufti Hassan Khaled.

This atmosphere was not innocent, according to the press information that reported a meeting between Al-Bukhari and the Director General of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, that the Kingdom has no problem with Hezbollah in Lebanon, but rather in Yemen, and when we asked about the truth of this matter, the answer was that it was the lies of the newspaper that reported the news at a time when the sources explained that the meeting with Major General Ibrahim took place some time ago, and talking about it is to create more confusion among the Sunni street.


  • Sawt Beirut International