| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Amending 4 ministerial portfolios and an American veto on energy

There is no government before this Eid al-Adha if it is formed after this date. With the Presidency of the Council of Ministers setting the Eid holiday from July 9 to 12, which means that the remaining few days will not be enough for more than one visit to the President-designate’s presidential palace. At the end of the consultations, Mikati said that it would take place at the right time without setting a date.

The draft is ready according to the information, and most likely it will not receive the approval of the President of the Republic. It adopts the current cabinet line-up with a change of names in only 4 ministries, namely, Foreign Energy, Economy and Displaced Persons. In practice, this means changing names in the two portfolios affiliated with the Free Patriotic Movement and the Druze name that was affiliated with Arslan and the fourth minister. The Sunni that Basil helped name.. Such a proposal will not be accepted by the head of the movement and, of course, by the president of the republic. Basil preceded this draft by demanding, after meeting with Mikati in the consultations, the adoption of rotation in the portfolios, comprehensive or partial. that Berri will not abandon the Ministry of Finance. Noting that Bassil himself confirmed that the movement would not participate in the government.

In Basil’s words, he drew the implicit message back to Line 29, a statement that came in response to an American veto on the Free Patriotic Movement receiving the energy portfolio, according to what diplomatic sources revealed. The American position was conveyed to one of the members of the Strong Lebanon bloc. If the assignment task will be difficult, if not impossible, and the first obstacle lies in the signature of the President of the Republic, on the other hand, the hope remains to activate the work of the House of Representatives in the remaining 7 weeks before entering the deadline for electing the President of the Republic, especially since the meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund is set on September 25 to decide on the file. And if the Lebanese Parliament has not approved the four laws required to sign the agreement with the IMF, namely, the Capital Control budget, the amendment of the banking secrecy law and the restructuring of banks, then Lebanon’s file will be transferred to this December if the situation in the country can bear all this delay.

  • Sawt Beirut International