| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

An exceptional episode with LF’s Leader Samir Geagea, aired on Sawt Beirut International

After the events of this hectic day on the street, and after accusing the Shiite duo “the Lebanese Forces Party” and its leader, Samir Geagea, of prompting Tayouneh conflicts, the latter will be the guest of the media, Walid Abboud, tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. via Sawt Beirut International platform.

The episode will focus on several significant axes and headlines, including:

Where did Michel Aoun excel and where did he fail during his era?

Will justice be achieved in Beirut Blast’s crime?

Is Mikati’s government the answer to the socio-economic situation?

Parliamentary Elections: A Profit, and a Loss

Ambiguous relationships with allies and adversaries