| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Aoun warns the media, full readiness of army and security forces

With the approach of the parliamentary elections, the concern is growing about a security tension that might topple the elections. Is this fear justified? Is it possible to postpone the elections under the pretext of the security situation?

Sources in the army command confirm that there is no information or data suggesting the preparation of a security action or the fabrication of an incident, with the aim of canceling the elections, but the army, according to the information, and as a result of the deteriorating economic and social conditions, is afraid of a social security explosion that if it occurs may affect the elections.

In this context, it was known that the Lebanese army will be fully prepared throughout the election period until they take place, and the same is true of the internal security forces, bearing in mind that during the day of the elections, the internal security forces are the ones who are in charge of protecting and facilitating the voting process inside the polling stations, while the elements of the army undertake the same tasks but outside and around the polling stations.

As it is known that the security reports indicate that there are some electoral caveats in a number of regions, where the Supreme Defense Council, which was held to discuss the security measures accompanying the elections, came out with an official decision to implement a tight plan that prevents any clash or tension on the ground during the conduct of the electoral process.

So, it can be said that the elections will take place, and this was confirmed by President Aoun at the beginning of the meeting of the Supreme Council, emphasizing that they will be transparent and fair, but what was noted in the President of the Republic’s words is his implicit message to the media by calling him to adopt rules for the conduct of media coverage of the elections without specifying these rules, setting forth undeclared dangers to media work.

The Higher Defense Council also presented at the session the logistical arrangements for the elections, including the cash that is not yet secured, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, especially to the employees who will follow up on the voting process, the Finance Minister responded that he was still seeking to secure an amount of 380 billion before May 15.

  • Sawt Beirut International