| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Asala presents Elissa’s song “Abali Habibi” at her concert in Qatar, and the latter is commented

Yesterday, Thursday evening, the artist Asala Nasri performed a concert in Qatar. And Asala published pictures of her appearance at the party, through her account on Instagram, and commented: “The party is sweet in Qatar, it’s sweet and it’s all love, friendship and brotherhood, and we flew, we were Sultan, and we all rejoiced with the same energy, with the same sweetness, with the same kindness.” Asala surprised the audience by presenting the song “Abali Habibi” by the Lebanese singer Elissa.

The video is widely spread on social media, where the audience praised her performance and way of presenting the song.

In turn, Elissa interacted with this Asala step, as she republished the video clip and commented: “What do you love and I love your sweet soul.”
Asala replied to her by saying: “My good honest friend, don’t imagine your song. How affected me and I love your voice in it… The whole life is nothing but the company of a role model.”

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