| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Attack on UNIFIL: deliberate or accidental?

It is not the first time in Lebanon that UNIFIL forces in the south have been attacked, but rather it is the first incident of its kind in many years that reaches this extent, as the disputes between the people of the town of Al-Aqibiya and members of UNIFIL last Wednesday night, which resulted in the death of an Irish soldier and the wounding of 3 others. .
A security report revealed that the targeted UNIFIL vehicle in Al-Aqabiya was hit by twenty-seven gunshots from several sides.. which rules out the spontaneity of the incident..
Does it carry political messages within it? Or is it a result of the tension and chaos in Lebanon?
Although the Lebanese judiciary investigated the incident, an Irish committee entered the line of follow-up on the findings of the official and UN investigations, given that it does not have much confidence in the Lebanese investigation.. Until this moment, no suspect has been arrested in the incident of attacking the peace security forces. Will the perpetrators be extradited? Or will the scenario of the Tayouneh’s events be repeated today?
And yet… Will the officials allow the Lebanese international relations to be exposed to a crisis, to be added to the accumulated Lebanese crises?

  • Sawt Beirut International