| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Baabda … and the dialogue of the deaf

There is neither dialogue nor those who grieve so far, and the President of the Republic invited the political parties in his last speech to a dialogue table but a test balloon and a sword strike in the water.

Sources close to the Baabda Palace reveal that the logistical and operational preparations for the dialogue table have not started yet, and any preparations must be preceded by a round of contacts with the various parties to monitor their opinions, and only then will it be built upon.

The sources say that President Michel Aoun expressed his desire to hold a table for dialogue, but the invitations were not initiated, given that the opinions of the concerned parties are still unclear, neither negatively nor positively.

Informed sources told Voice of Beirut International that the terms of the dialogue are settled, namely: the defense strategy, the recovery plan, the expanded administrative and financial decentralization, and Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf states, but the response will not be on a wide level, especially since this call comes in the last year of the era at a time when most political forces are in the process of escalation. in their positions.

The sources confirm that a large number of political forces are not in their interest to sell the President of the Republic this paper at this time.
According to the data that was formed, the Lebanese Forces will not participate in such a dialogue table.

The Kataeb also will not participate, and the Future Movement, through Prime Minister Saad Hariri, will not attend.

Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt has not decided his position and gives priority to activating the government. This quartet does not view Aoun on the basis that he is a neutral party, but rather a party to the political battle.

As for the forces that may attend, even with reluctance, they are Hezbollah, the Marada Movement, the Amal Movement in Batman from the party, the Syrian Nationalist Party, President Najib Mikati, and a number of opposition forces.

So, the dialogue will be between the reluctant Ahl al-Bayt, then what will they discuss then?

In the end, the call for dialogue fell in its infancy, and everyone started preparing for the decisive battle at the polls.

  • Sawt Beirut International