| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Baabda meeting doesn’t seem to be as fruitful as it looks

Calling the cabinet for a meeting is an option, but it has not yet turned into reality, given the fact that no date has been set for this session. The tripartite meeting in Baabda addressed outstanding issues as well as the impediment to resuming cabinet sessions. However, the meeting did not go as planned, and no agreement was reached on the two main issues, Judge Bitar and Minister Kordahi. And to confirm that no progress was made on the level of obstruction, have a look at President Mikati’s face and listen to his words after the tripartite meeting. Mikati’s words carried a clear message to the Shiite faction or Hezbollah, as well as a call for concession.

Baabda Palace sources confirmed to SBI that the atmosphere of the meeting between Aoun, Berri, and Mikati was positive. To recall, this is the first positive meeting since the war of statements and tweets that erupted between Baabda Palace and Ain al-Tineh, in which all expressions were used, against the backdrop of the judiciary and port investigations. The meeting in Baabda discussed the outstanding issues that impede cabinet sessions and the need to settle them, and sources said Berri promised to try to persuade Hezbollah to return to the government and leave the Bitar issue to the judiciary.

If Berri promised to try but did not resolve its outcomes, he told Aoun and Mikati that he would try to facilitate the process, but the decision is up to the party and Franjieh, provided that he has an answer after Mikati’s return from the Vatican late this week and the President of the Republic’s return from Qatar next week. However, Some consider Berri’s mission impossible, especially since Hezbollah previously refused to return to the government until the reasons for the suspension of sessions were resolved, as Sheikh Naim Qassem stated. Franjieh, for his part, will not change his stance, despite Mikati’s efforts, and his most recent attempts are to vote for the Marada Movement’s candidate in the Bar Association elections in the north.

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