| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Beirut fuel stations close as crisis drags on

Fuel stations in Lebanon’s capital Beirut have stopped selling gasoline. Citizens rushed to the stations in a bid to fill their cars with some gasoline but they were surprised to see most of them closed. Even if we happen to see a station still providing fuel, it will be doing so at a filling charge of 20,000 Lebanese pounds at most.

“Since Banque du Liban (Central Bank) was late in opening credits, there is a shortage of fuel distribution by some companies,” said Fadi Abou Chakra, the representative of fuel distribution companies in Lebanon.

“The stock of some stations is unable to meet the needs of crowds of citizens who fear a further deterioration will take place in the country,” Abou Chakra added.

“Our life is all humiliation,” one citizen told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter, Ghida Jbeili, while another said “we’re moving from a station to another in search of gasoline but in vain.”

“They want to kill us. No electricity, no fuel, and the U.S. dollar exchange rate has hit 14,000 LBP. What happening is shameful. We’re dying slowly. A citizen’s salary is now equal to $100,” he added.

“They’re hiding gasoline so that they would raise its price as the USD exchange rate increases. We’re now on the brink of collapse,” a cab driver said.