| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Berri session.. trap or escape forward?

The constitutional quorum will be complete in the first session to elect a President of the Republic on Thursday, the twenty-ninth of September.
Although the call appears surprising to the political forces and public opinion, it is realistic.

An invitation that should have been made by the Speaker of Parliament on the first of September, two months before the end of the term of current President Michel Aoun. The quorum is available according to the statements of the parliamentary blocs, as well as the embarrassment that affects more than one bloc in the matter of naming the next president.

The countdown to the start of the presidential elections blew Berri’s whistle, but the clouds are still far from clearing any clarity on the paths associated with it.
An invitation directly or indirectly related to the formation of the government.

The country’s reform workshop is not on the right track.
The picture of political confusion joins scenes of economic, financial, social and even security confusion.
Only a picture of who will occupy the throne of the country’s presidency is absent until now.
An image that will become clear with the first signs of a new settlement.
A settlement that many hope will not be the same as before.

The condition of consensus this time did not hinder the progress of the presidential elections.
Adhering to the constitutional principles of convening the Council without any prior agreement will not lead to deciding the fortunes of the future president.
The lack of agreement of the parliamentary majority will result in a presidential vacuum.
A vacuum that will push the pillars of the system once again to accept a consensual president on the basis of choosing the lesser of evils.


  • Sawt Beirut International