| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Between Tripoli’s and Lebanon’s collapse!

Do you believe that in Lebanon 16 thousand buildings are threatened with collapse? Do you believe that no one cares about this dangerous issue and tries to avoid the fatal losses resulting from it? Of course, official rhetoric becomes stronger and stronger every time a building collapses in a certain area, and every time it falls a new victim of rampant neglect. This is what happened after the collapse of the building in Tripoli. But our words remain words, and do not lead to any result. Officials talk a lot, but most of their talk is in the air. We understand that the Lebanese state does not have the capabilities to implement solutions, but at least it can approach the issue seriously, and come up with solutions that involve the municipalities and relevant associations, in addition to financiers who can enter the line to contribute to finding solutions.

Is the state aware, even for once, of the great responsibility that rests on its shoulders, so as not to turn its citizens into a project of victims? Meanwhile, the non-binding parliamentary consultations ended in the House of Representatives, after two days spent by the Prime Minister-designate to find out the opinions of the parliamentary blocs in the expected government.

The main question remains: Is there really a new government, or is everything that is happening in the context of wasting time, even in a constitutional legal manner? I hope that consultations will not be a mere waste of time, as the Lebanese collapses at all levels and levels are stronger than the collapse of the building in Tripoli.

If the victim in Tripoli is a single girl of the age of roses, then most of the Lebanese are permanent victims of the disruption of the constitution in Lebanon. When will we end this negative practice based on disruption? Is there any hope that we will finish it before we finish and Lebanon ends?