| 4 October 2022, Tuesday |

Brief of World Cancer Day in Lebanon: a real genocide!

You may image the scenario on the day when the malignant disease’s fighters get together to provide hope and raise awareness… The Lebanese cancer sufferer watches helplessly as the state fails and ignores him… It deprives them of their only means of combating the malignant, and they see their hope slipping away day by day; the obsession with death is no longer there. He abandons them, and their treatment becomes impossible; they are sentenced to a slow death because they lack the funds to purchase medicines.

Hospital treatment has become impossible, and as the economic crisis worsens, the challenges for a cancer patient in terms of therapy are becoming more severe.

Although the policy of subsidizing cancer treatments remains as is, the challenge is in supplying funding for drug purchases, and favoritism and mediation in drug distribution play a significant part in Lebanon.

Politicians and authorities are committing a real genocide. The moment has come to put aside squabbles and focus on the pain of the people and cancer patients who are paying the ultimate price with their lives for what Lebanon is going through.

  • Sawt Beirut International