| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Christmas is not only for Christians…here is Lebanon

Here is Lebanon, ornamented for the feast, remembering the child of Bethlehem, sleeping under the lit star that guides you to him. He was born in a manger greater than a throne, in a grotto wider than Caesar’s Palace, and in a town greater than a universe. Here is Lebanon, with 18 sects doomed in perishable identity records, with only one eternal sect, the eternal souls. Christmas brings us all, Muslims and Christians, in one electoral district, for one seat, “Grotto of the Nativity”. Sawt Beirut International visited one of Lebanese Muslims’ homes to find out from them why they decorate for Christmas.
Love is inherited from generations, goodness is carried by the Lebanese genes.

Here is Lebanon, where Christ is born with all the splendor of a new dawn, Peace upon Lebanon and goodwill among the people.

We hope to celebrate every year with goodness and peace, without Herod, who controls the country.

Merry Christmas