| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Dangerous security threat raises fears.

Political, Security and diplomatic sources fear of a dangerous security scenario the country will witness, in light of the dire economic crisis accompanied by a deteriorating societal situation, where obtaining food might provoke some to looting and weapon’s threating. It is a scenario that some compare it to “zombie”, the movie. Amidst this atmosphere, a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council was held in Baabda Palace. Security services were not aware of its agenda, and some the services’ leaders knew about it via media outlets before they were officially informed by the palace.
The meeting did not address Hezbollah’s arresting and interrogating of the British journalist before handing him over to General Security, and the final statement, of course, did not mention this incident. The meeting, as has been mentioned in the President of the Republic and the caretaker prime minister’s statement, focused on people’s anger due to queues of humiliation at the stations, considering the citizens’ reactions as chaos, and not an expression of objection. President Aoun called on the security services not to be lenient on chaos. As for the most prominent decision taken by the Supreme Defense Council, was requesting the military and security services to maintain the necessary readiness to not allow some security violators  destabilize the security situation because of Financial, economic and living conditions, especially with regard to blocking public roads or encroaching on public and private property.
The No. 5 decision of the six in all, the Minister of Finance was asked to coordinate with the Ministries of Defense and Interior to find ways to support the military and security forces, especially in light of the deteriorating financial and economic conditions, ( an unnecessary decision) is the least that can be said about it, especially since the army , security forces, Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior have been working so hard towards the international community to secure aid to the Lebanese security forces.