| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan’s escort assaults a family and threatens people

This is a picture that embodies the strong covenant, that’s how we all look. But most of us are on the inside. As for Charbel, he is bloodied like all the Lebanese, from the inside and today from the outside. The cause of the Lebanese problem is the inheritance of the arrogance of the Khawajat in Mount Lebanon, the right of passage and the narcissism of the orange ego. Because he did not dim the car’s lights in his face, the escort of Representative Ibrahim Kanaan pursued an entire family in the car with Hollywood scenes resembling the Nazis’ political affiliation, and he also shot and intimidated those who were safe in their homes. The whole story is in the words of the victim.

The assailant is in hiding, waiting for the file to be reeled from the Sultan’s court.

Here is Lebanon, welcome to hell of chaos, where change is a devil and reform is the devil

  • Sawt Beirut International