| 7 February 2023, Tuesday |

Does the strong covenant vanishes before the country’s collapse?

The dollar exchange rate started soaring again. This news is disastrous but expected, because Judge Ghada Aoun’s practices since a year ago were likely to lead to such a result. Of course, Aoun is not solely responsible of this situation, because banks are also blamed for the huge damages that affected the depositors.

The political class along with its partner, Riad Salameh, bear responsibility for the major collapse in the state’s finances. But the problem is that Ghada Aoun completed what the political system, the Central Bank Governor and the banks started, so that it accelerated its collapse, leading to the great collision. The problem also is that the political agenda adopted by Aoun will only serve Hezbollah’s interests.

Aoun believes that she is implementing a plan drawn up by the covenant’s pillars and the Free Patriotic Movement, whose goal is to remove Salameh. But Aoun did not realize that what she is doing is serving the President of the Republic tactically and Hezbollah strategically.

Hezbollah, after hitting the educational, health, the tourism, and trade sector severely, is today completing its destructive approach by hitting the banking sector.

The pillars of the Lebanese state are dissolving today for the interest of Hezbollah’s statelet.

What does Hezbollah want better than this? Indeed, “may God protect us” from the remaining days of Michel Aoun’s tenure in Baabda. The hope is that Lebanon will not collapse before the tenure of the strong president ends.

  • Sawt Beirut International