| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Dollar hit an all time high, why Lebanese didn’t take to the streets yet?

The Lebanese pound has plummeted against the US dollar on the black market reaching an unprecedented record on Thursday, trading at 19,000 LBP to the dollar.

Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter Sarah Chehadeh conveyed the miserable situation of Saida’s citizen. One of whom said, “I do not know why the Lebanese have not yet taken to the street? What are they waiting for? Are they waiting for us to be totally destroyed?

The citizen added: “If the internet was interrupted or cut off, they would immediately go down to the street, but they do not take the streets for gasoline crisis or for the pound which is tumbling against dollar.”

The citizen added: “The situation is unacceptable anymore. Where are the impoverished and destitute people?!” He pointed out that he is not understanding Lebanese anymore, and asked from where people are bringing money, and how they are affording restaurants.

An elder man interrupted him, saying, “Look at the beach resorts, although the entrance hems around $20, but it is at full capacity.”

The young man hoped to emigrate the country, saying, “We are fed up of humiliation, we lack healthcare services, and even milk for children. There is nothing except oppression and suffering.”

Another citizen said, “The people are in a deep sleep, and anaesthetic. I don’t understand why they didn’t take an action yet and why they didn’t revolt?” and added, “the situation is catastrophic and tough.”

  • Sawt Beirut International