| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Economic crisis shifts the Lebanese kitchens into a new source of living

Because we will not starve to death, we will bring out gold from fire. This is how people are sentenced to life imprisonment.

Baby boomers who lived in bomb shelters were waiting to hear the news of ceasefire, and millennials who lived in the era of passing through the Syrian occupier’s checkpoint in the nineties, practicing an inferiority complex on the oppressed people due to demography and the curse of geography. Today generation Z and Y are living in the era of interests and the support of the Lebanese pound.

Eliane is a housewife, her job is no longer enough to feed her family, but with the cleverness of motherhood, she made her kitchen a new source of living, with her special twist.

What Eliane makes is a step in the journey of a thousand miles towards community self-sufficiency, hoping to develop her experience and start exporting her products.

Eliane Khalil, a mighty Lebanese mother, who turned the bitterness of the crisis into hope.

  • Sawt Beirut International