| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Election wheel has launched… How many candidates are there?

The Interior Ministry closed the door for nominations for the parliamentary elections on the fifteenth of next May
Thus, the number of candidates for this eligibility reached 1043, including 155 female candidates
The North Governorate, which includes 3 constituencies,, ranked first in terms of the number of candidates, which amounted to 292 candidates
In Mount Lebanon Governorate, which includes 4 constituencies,, the number of candidates reached 269
In Bekaa, which includes 3 constituencies, the number of candidates reached 201
While the Beirut governorate, which includes two constituencies, registered 174 candidates
As for the south, which includes 3 constituencies, it recorded the lowest percentage of candidates, which amounted to 105

While the number of candidates in the 2018 elections reached 976, including 111 female candidates, or a percentage of 11.42 percent.

According to Article 51 of the Elections Law, the Ministry of Interior must announce the names of the accepted candidates and report them to the governors, and surrogates and the Election Supervisory Commission.
Starting today until midnight on the fourth of April, 20 days later
According to Article 52 of the Elections Law, candidates must organize themselves in lists a maximum of 40 days before the electoral due date. As for the candidates who did not enlist, their candidacies are considered cancelled
In terms of logistical preparations for the elections, the European Union provided 1,770 polling booths, and Lebanon received 7,000 cans of ink as an international gift. For his part, the Minister of Interior confirmed that the ministry would provide electricity to all 7,000 polling stations.
So the wheel of parliamentary elections has actually started, but the most difficult task for all candidates today is to weave alliances and form lists before the legal deadline expires.

  • Sawt Beirut International