| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Electricity back to the fore..Lebanon in total darkness on this date!

Warnings are increasing that the post-parliamentary elections phase, may be the worst, and will witness the announcement of the state’s complete inability to provide the necessary services, especially in the electricity sector, which predicts that Lebanon will enter an era of total darkness, due to the interruption of oil supplies from Iraq, and not accomplishing the final agreement to extract gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, and the difficulty of securing a treasury advance for the Ministry of Energy to buy fuel from international markets.
We have repeatedly tried to communicate with Minister of Energy Walid Fayyad to find out about this matter, but in vain. With the waning of hope for the arrival of gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, the government is doing nothing, and the energetic minister does not show any interest in the risks of entering darkness and the negative repercussions associated with it. Regarding alternative solutions that can compensate for Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity, there is talk that the Minister of Energy will increase the tariff on the electricity bill, but he did not provide answers on how to control the leakage and prevent theft and infringement on the network.