| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Expatriates elect .. Will they succeed in changing parliament and demolishing the authority?

In a democratic atmosphere and without any noticeable problems, the first round of the expatriate elections, which took place in ten countries, ended on Friday, coinciding with local support from the Lebanese government and from the relevant ministries, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.

The voter turnout was about 60 percent, and the second stage will take place next Sunday.

How did the voters’ enthusiasm look in this round? Is this percentage a good indicator of the desire for change?

Observers have followed the progress of the Lebanese voting process in the Arab countries. Does the expatriate vote indicate the results of Lebanon’s elections?

Many view the elections as an opportunity to challenge the authority, given the desire for change and this was expressed by the expatriate voters.

The spotlight remains on the transfer of ballot boxes from the countries of the diaspora to Lebanon, provided that they are sorted and votes are counted at the end of the elections scheduled for May 15th.

  • Sawt Beirut International