| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Expatriates vote: What atmosphere dominated polls’ first phase?

The first phase of the awaited parliamentary elections began today, with expatriates voting in ten countries that adopt Friday as a weekend holiday, to be followed by the second phase on Sunday in other Arab, European and foreign countries. The smooth passing of this entitlement was bet on by many, due to the transparency of the expatriate’s voice, and his determination to hold accountable.
The number of Lebanese expatriate voters registered abroad is 225,114, which is about three times higher than the number of those who registered in the 2018 elections. This number, despite its low proportion to the number of Lebanese scattered in the countries of emigration, constitutes an electoral bloc that will create significant impact on the entiltement results. How was the course of the electoral process in the accredited headquarters in the countries of expatriation? What about the turnout?

Apparently, no voice has so far been raised above the voice of the voting operations in the parliamentary elections outside Lebanon…waiting for the second phase to pass on Sunday…in the hope that the two phases will be completed by preserving the ballot boxes, to ensure the integrity of the elections.

  • Sawt Beirut International