| 9 December 2022, Friday |

Fake lease contracts .. Beware of fraud!

The youth housing crisis spawned another crisis.
The first to be revealed by one of its victims,
He is the activist and journalist Mohamed Awad.
He resorted to a real estate broker in order to rent an apartment and fell into the trap,

According to Awad, the person accused of the fraud has a full balance, and the receits and documents incriminating him are in the custody of the judiciary

We went to the company to give the owner the right to respond, but in vain, the door is locked, and the neighbors say they only see it once a month.

We tried to call him and contact him via WhatsApp, but no result. The phone rings without an answer

The last appearance of a real estate broker impersonator was on May 12th, where he was seen via surveillance cameras in the Sidon region

He left the car he rented after it was damaged in a traffic accident
He left it in front of the car renter house, who refused talk, because he does not have a car rental license.

  • Sawt Beirut International