| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Farewell to poor’s last bite

It is his responsibility to provide for his day, and to provide bread to his customers, instead of priorities.
This commodity has become hostage to the monopoly of the merchants, the greed of the monopolists, and the greed of many citizens.

Bread has become a target for the government, and it will remove subsidies from its price. In line with what is imposed by the forces controlling the economy.

The forces controlled the people and the country as a result of a regime that did not succeed in implementing a rescue plan. The ruling regime dared to touch the poor man’s last bite.
The birds that live their freedom, enjoy their meals of bread and water here, have hitherto been given both freedom and access to bread, in a country where the majority of the people suffer from their daily sustenance.

Freedom is more expensive than bread, but bread has become more expensive for the poor. By a decision of the rulers, they do not fear the absence of the loaf, nor do they fear the impatience of the poor over hunger.


  • Sawt Beirut International