| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

For those who want to succeed in life, here is magic recipe

Cooking for mothers is not special news, or a mother sacrificing for her family is also not something new, especially in Lebanon… the nation that gives birth to the best mothers, who rock the bed with her right, and the world with her blessed left. As for the news here, it is about a Lebanese mother, who made her own kitchen, which kept her away from her ambitions. A kitchen for a new ambition, with recipes based on the elements of love, and lots of joy spices.
Isabel, who comes from the magic of Ehden’s moon, decided to start her life from zero experience to the highest numbers of success, “La Cucina de Isabel” is the highest degree of satiety from the splendor of peanut butter.
Isabelle develops her work to include teaching cooking and giving lessons to anyone who wishes to rise to the rank of a “Lebanese mother”.
As if the sugars of the foods she prepares are not sweet enough, we add to their sweetness the sweetness of her zagging smile.
The most important components of peanut butter are butter, pistachio and the touches of an aspiring mother.