| 6 December 2022, Tuesday |

FPM crawls to Ain al-Tineh to conclude a deal for the Ministry of Energy

Your Excellency, do not laugh at those who doubt that you are weaving deals. Your political team, especially those who took over the Ministry of Energy, have laughed at citizens since 2010 that they will secure electricity 24/24.

Your Excellency, do not laugh at those who deluded them that Berri did not make you happy. Today, you are invoking him to make deals, including the Ministry of Energy.

Yes, citizens, who deprived you of electricity is demanding it again. And whoever knows best about deals and brokering in the ministry’s cave is the Director General of the Tenders Department, Dr. Jan Al-Aliyah.

As for the distribution and reservation of seats by the current or the Amal movement, how will it be faced by the sovereign representatives? Yes, it is normal work when you sell slogans to your supporters before the elections, and return to weaving deals and quotas when needed.

It is really natural for you to take the Ministry of Energy out of your hands. In order for the Lebanese to enjoy electricity. And to rest the state treasury from your waste and thefts.

  • Sawt Beirut International