| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Free treatment in Lebanon

Every disease has a medicine, but the problem is that the medicine itself has become a cause of the disease, with the entry of chemical medicines into our culture of life, so our body has become resistant to antibiotics. As for the side effects of medicines, he spoke about them without embarrassment from companies that fill their coffers of people’s pain. Since it all began on this earth, we must return to it. The Arab doctor, treated with drugs and natural formulations, perhaps in a time of high prices and lack of medicine, people will remember that they will not be at the mercy of companies, because they have a land that does not leave them.

Nazih Baz, the last Arab doctor
Nazih does not promote his work as an Arab doctor, for water does not define itself, and the sun does not seek love for appearance, they are imposed elements, from the core of life.

In his Shufi house, he stays summer and winter, because the Arab doctor’s clinic is where the earth is
Arab medicine was the basis in the past, and with the shaking of the foundations of advanced medicine, we return to the basics


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