| 25 September 2022, Sunday |

Geography of Jordan’s electricity network and the miracle of diesel generators

It is official! The date for concluding an agreement to transfer energy from Jordan via Syria has been set for next Wednesday, with the arrival of the Jordanian Minister of Energy in Beirut, assuming that the Director General of the Electricité du Liban and his Jordanian counterpart will sign the agreement. The Lebanese and Jordanian ministers, as well as the accompanying delegations, will next travel to Syria, where the agreement will be concluded by the Director General of Syria’s Electricity Corporation.

Due to the low demand at present, the agreement stipulates to deliver 150 megawatts of power feeding from midnight to six a.m.
It will also supply 250 megawatts, which will be dispersed throughout the day in addition to what Iraqi fuel produces.

As a result, in hours, in addition to Jordan’s electricity, the requirement for generators will be up to 14 hours a day, despite warnings to their owners not to maintain their current conditions.

And then there’s the astounding scandal: the diesel miracle.

So, the fate of the electricity supply is stuck between the warning of the generator owners on the one hand and the World Bank’s release of the $600 million in granting the funding on the other hand. However, the Lebanese population only sits, pray and wait.

  • Sawt Beirut International