| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Greek goddess of Lebanon

In Greek mythology, the god Hermes invented the lyre by blowing the wind on dry strings attached to the shell of a dead turtle.

This lyre was with the Pharaohs, Mesopotamia and, of course, our ancestors the Phoenicians. Its strings, like the strings of the sun, are strung together and “coagulate” on creative fingers that tickle the soul of the strings, like Pharaoh’s love for the cedar wood of the Lord in Lebanon. Myriam, the granddaughter of the Phoenix, has inherited in her DNA the creativity of a musician who hears the wind with enchanting melodies, that infiltrate the listening ears and the enamored souls, worthy of the brightness of the moon and the shyness of the setting sun. In Bzommar of medium height above sea level and high with the ambition of Miriam, we heard words mixed with music notes.

Myriam is married to a musician who plays the piano, and together they founded a family from the maqamat of Nahud, Hijaz and al-Saba, from the maqam of Sikkah and Ajam. A family from the shrine of the culture of the mind and soul.
El Hareb is rare in Lebanon, as we live in the era of mixing and automation, the era of virtual music.
The instrument of the fugitive from Greek mythology to the Lebanese culture, an instrument that plays the melodies of life!

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