| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Happy or sad government formation ending?

The mission of the delegates between the two presidents has ended, and the direct meeting has become mandatory to resolve the issue of the government, either as a composition, a postponement, or an apology. Mikati’s sources are still talking about a coup that took place on all the foundations he laid down to form the government, which will push him to settle matters. It is expected that he will visit Baabda in the coming hours, carrying, according to the information, a plan that has made some minor modifications based on the rules and foundations that he set from the beginning, i.e. no third for anyone and non-partisan, non-provocative names, especially in some of the main portfolios for the next stage, which are related to the parliamentary elections as well as the economic and financial situation.

If the President of the Republic agrees to this formation, the government will see the light this week. Otherwise, Mikati will make up his mind and will not accept, according to his sources, the formation of a government of quotas and clientelism, and will not follow up with the theatrical recurring meetings just to take pictures.

From Baabda side, it may be the third time in less than ten days that the President of the Republic announces his hope that the coming days will bring positive developments at the level of government formation. He reiterated this statement yesterday before the Caritas delegation.

Baabda sources hope that Mikati’s visit to Baabda will happen soon, especially after a rapprochement took place over some names, but they confirm that Mikati must settle on a single opinion.

In Baabda, of course, they hold Mikati responsible for the delay, and consider that he moderated his impulse because he wanted the issue of Iranian oil to anticipate the fate of the governor of the Banque du Liban, as well as the issue of subsidies after the end of September. I mean, it seems that the authorship series is approaching its end, but it is difficult to confirm whether its ending will be happy or sad.

  • Sawt Beirut International