| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Hariri holds the 18th meeting with the President, carrying a lineup of 24 ministers

From Cairo to Baabda, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri moved and held the 18th meeting with the President of the Republic after a break from Baabda for more than 4 months.

He carried to the Republican Palace a squad of 24 ministers and presented it to the President of the Republic, so the ball was in Aoun’s court. He did not offer his apology, leaving 48 hours for the President of the Republic to see the formation, which Hariri described as a government of specialists, according to the French initiative and the initiative of President Nabih Berri.

The first comment of the President of the Republic in a chat with the media is “Hopefully.” The palace said in a statement later that the lineup will be the subject of research, study and consultation to build on the required, especially since the names presented and the sectarian distribution have changed from a previously agreed upon lineup.

So, according to the sources, Hariri’s visit to Baabda was accompanied by diplomatic pressure in the latter’s attempts to make the President of the Republic accept the formation. The Vatican ambassador visited Baabda before Hariri’s arrival and hoped that all politicians would reconsider their opinion and that no one would stick to his position. At the same time, the envoy of French President Patrick Durel in Dahiyeh was meeting MP Muhammad Raad. At the same time, a contact took place between Egypt and France at the highest levels. This contact, according to information, preceded Hariri’s arrival in Cairo.

If Hariri apologizes, he will not name an alternative, because such a step will be considered an admission by him that he was the problem. The sources reveal that the matter will not be limited to not naming, but Hariri will work with former heads of government to prevent any Sunni from accepting the task of authorship to prevent the matter from being interpreted as a victory for Bassil over him. This means that binding parliamentary consultations, if an apology occurs, may not take place, because President Aoun himself has always preferred to agree on the name before setting the date for consultations. It will be difficult for any Sunni figure, even those close to the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah, to accept a mission that it will be a burnout for them.

We must stop at information revealed by diplomatic sources to “Sawt Beirut International” that the French and American ambassadors, when they visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, suggested Ambassador Mustafa Adeeb again to take over the task of the election government in an attempt to obtain a Saudi blessing, but the Saudi response was that the Kingdom was not interested.

  • Sawt Beirut International