| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Hassan Khaled’s Public Park is no longer in memory

Before heading to work, Abeer stands in front of the Hassan Khaled’s Garden that lives in her memory, but today, her eyes reveal a scene different from the one she used to see in her childhood.

Abeer sees a destructed garden instead of a green and beautiful garden.

Before 2019, the municipal council decided to close the park in order to create a parking lot under it, so people in Aisha Bakkar can benefit from this area.

The contractor who took the project through the Council for Development and Reconstruction, pledged building news facilities for the people to benefit from it in social events.

But the state of these promises, like the drawings here, remained in the theoretical framework and nothing was implemented.

Beirut Municipality, in its new council, indicated that none of the people officially objected when the project was approved.

The case of Mufti Hassan Khaled’s Public Park was referred to the judiciary after the dispute between the municipality and the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

The municipality confirms that the issue is being pursued to cancel the project and reconstruct it. The people are wondering why the risk of distorting a scene from the capital’s memory before making sure of the ability to beautify it?

  • Sawt Beirut International