| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

He sells happiness… so the municipality of Kleiaat in Kesrouan stopped him

Life suits us, yes, it suits us, we are the ones who dance with joy, even on the hot plate, we are the ones who draw a smile on our faces wet with tears, we challenge this world, we are the ones who catch the coals to warm the cold itself. We live in seasons of death, and we remain children who do not grow old.

Spiro the valuable is from this clay, struggle and stubbornness in the earth waiting for the relief of heaven, when the doors were closed in his face, he opened a window in the open air, moving with his cart from his hometown Jeita to the vastness of this universe. He sells corn, potatoes, cakes, according to the seasons, and with them he sells happiness for free.

The municipality of Klayaat expelled him, because it is afraid of free happiness, in its accounts there are taxes and shops, and it works on dollar counters.
Everyone loves Spiro, he waits for him on the corners of the roads, he hears his music, he dances, he eats, and he realizes that on this earth there is great happiness. All you need is a lot of contentment.


  • Sawt Beirut International