| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Here is where Aoun failed, and this is the next president…

We all agree that we have reached the bottom of Hell, which President Aoun told us about one day… And here comes Prime Minister Najib Mikati, to tell us yesterday, that we are heading towards a ” madhouse”. And between hell and “madhouse,” the Lebanese citizen sways with a sea of crises that is ripping off what remains of his soul. The system is completely absent from hearing, consideration, action and treatment. All what is left for the poor citizen is to wait for the last entitlement, the time of which has begun to approach, i.e., the election of a new president of the republic, that might carry a new concept of the value of the homeland and the citizen…

It is certain that all of the above-mentioned qualities are not present in the current president.. the strong covenant, the era of hell and collapse..otherwise we would not have reached the inferno of poverty, hunger, diseases and high prices that kill him.. the president failed enough, and for the eyes of the son-in-law, the citizen was the victim

As for the fate of the presidential election, “it is still unkown,” either by election or by deferment.. “according to the consent and acceptance of the pillars of Hell in the country.” If a miracle occurs, what are the specifications required for the personality of the new president?’

Hell, we are already in it..and “madhouse,” we are sure heading towards it..and politicians do not care about the citizens. is the heart of politicians..what is important is the chairs, positions and a few Hollywood championships and dizzying plays, untill the “dish is ready”.